School Facts


Oakdale Middle School
Fast Facts


Oakdale was built in 1974 and was a Junior High School until 2008. In the past, Oakdale has housed up to 1,200 students at once. Currently, approximately 800 students in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades attend Oakdale.



School Colors:

Purple and white

Fight Song:

Fight on Oakdale Patriots!
Stand up tall and proud!
Fight on Oakdale Patriots!
Listen to the crowd!
Fight on Oakdale Patriots!
Fill yourselves with pride!
Fight on Oakdale Patriots!
We're always on your side!


Own Your Future!

Mission Statement:

Where all belong, all learn, and all succeed.

We strive to connect with each student and family to achieve the greatest possible outcomes and give our students an advantage as they pursue their dreams.  Every student deserves the personalized education that we seek to deliver.

Oakdale Middle School was recognized by the Office of Education Policy at the University of Arkansas in 2013-2014 for outstanding educational performance and received awards for "Beating the Odds," being distinguished as a "high achieving middle school," demonstrating significant end-of-course exam growth from 2007-2013, and showing the greatest growth in the middle school end-of-course exam for algebra in the state of Arkansas.