7th & 8th Grade
Graphic Novels - Students will develop their own original characters and story to create a graphic novel that will be worked on throughout the semester when they finish another project early and have time left over.

Product Magazine Advertisements - Students will invent a new product and design an advertisement to promote their awesome idea!

Aborigine Paintings - Students will create their own Aborigine inspired dot painting using earth tones.

Chinese Dragon Stamps - Students will create their own dragon drawing inspired by Chinese New Year dragons. They will then create a small stamp to incorporate into the finished artwork.

Chihuly Sun Catchers - Students will use tissue paper and coordinating color schemes to create a sun catcher inspired by the beautiful glass art of Dale Chihuly.

Greek Inspired Doorways - Students will study the architecture of Greece and design their own doorway with some Greek elements. Students will explore texture and low-relief sculpture while using tooling foil.

Op Art - Students will use a transfer method to create a Bridgette Riley inspired work of art that creates an optical illusion or effect.

Monochromatic NW Coastal Paintings - Students will create a monochromatic (one color, many values) painting inspired by the art of Northwest Coastal Native American Tribes.

Indonesian Batik - Students will use a wax resist and watercolor technique to create an Indonesian inspired pattern.

Clay Pinch Pots - Students will be introduced to Native American effigy pots and learn the pinch technique to create their own small bowl.

African Kente Cloths - Students will use oil pastels to design their own African inspired pattern.

2-Point Perspective Street Corners - Students will brush up on their shading skills and learn 2-point linear perspective to draw a city street corner.

Franz Marc Expressionist Piantings - Students will learn a variety of watercolor techniques that they will then use to paint a still life, portrait, or landscape in the style of Franz Marc.

Gothic Rose Windows - Students will use a transfer method and glue/pastel resist to create a kaleidoscope type design similar to a Gothic period rose window. 

Art Nouveau Etchings - Students will create a nature inspired design on a metallic etching board, similar to the Art Nouveau style.

Picasso Cubist Collage - Students will learn about cubism and create their own cubist work of art using recycles materials.

Music Inspired Art - Students will listen to a variety of musical genres and create a work of art inspired by what they hear.

8 Human Commonalities Project - Students will work collaboratively to create a work of art expressing their point of view about one of the 8 things all humans have in common, no matter where or when they lived.

Tessellations - Students will create an M.C. Escher inspired tessellation of their own and make connections with art and math.

Textured Personality Self-Portrait - Students will learn how to draw the human face in correct proportion and then utilize texture and color to enhance their design.

Memory Poems - Students will write a poem about their memories from when they were younger and then use them as inspiration for a work of art.

Panamanian Molas - Students will the Central American art form known as Molas and use construction paper to make their own!

Abstract Expressionist Paintings - Students will use color triads to paint 2 abstract expressionist works of art that when then be collaged together.

Y-Tree Landscape Paintings - Students will learn how to blend colors to create a sunset, use tints and shades to create depth, and paint trees using the Y technique.

Greeting Card - Students will learn how to draw 3-D banners, ribbons, and scrolls to incorporate into a greeting card for someone they care