7th & 8th Grade
Picture Books - Students will plan and create their own picture book that will be worked on throughout the semester whenever the student finishes other projects early and has free time.
Symbol of You Stamps - Students will design a logo to represent themselves and then create a stamp to create a printed border for their finished artwork.
Surreal Collages - Students will create a collage using magazine images that is inspired by surreal artists such as Salvador Dali.

Native American Animals ‚Äč- Students will create their own animal designs and environments inspired by Native American art such as the Lakota tribe in the Dakotas.

Grid Self-Portraits - Students will learn how to use a grid to draw a large portrait of themselves while looking at a small photograph.

Andy Warhol Computer Art - Students will use an image from pop-culture and the Gimp 2 program to create their own work of "Pop Art" with a netbook.

Patterned Paper Reliefs - Students will create a 3-D paper work of art that incorporates a variety of color schemes and patterns.

Pointillism Painting - Students will study the Impressionist art of Georges Seurat and create their own pointillist painting.

Picasso One-Liners - Students will explore contour and gesture drawing to create a free-form and spontaneous work of art similar to Pablo Picasso's famous "one-liner" drawings.

Calder Wire Sculptures - Students will take the "one-liner" concept to the next level and create a 3-D wire sculpture similar to Alexander Calder's artworks.

Watercolor Weaving - Students will learn a variety of watercolor techniques, then weave them together into a colorful textile.

O'Keeffe Still-Lifes - Students will be introduced to the flower and skull paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe. Students will then use the watercolor techniques they learned in the previous lesson to paint their own still-life painting.

Medieval Etchings - Students will create a medieval inspired etching using metallic scratch board and many patterns and textures.

Figure Drawing - Students will learn correct human body proportions and then draw a figure in an action pose, such as an athlete or dancer.

Collaborative Illustrations - Students will work in small groups to illustrate a famous story or folk-tale of their choosing.

Mayan Foam Carvings - Students will create their own Mayan inspired relief carving that will be painted to resemble stone. 

Architectural Design - Students will plan and design their own futuristic building that is like nothing anyone has ever seen before.

Art History Research Painting - Students will research a famous work of art and then create their own painting that makes some sort of connection to the historical piece.

3-D Art Gallery Rooms - Students will learn the 1-point perspective technique to draw a 3-D room which will then be designed into a gallery space for displaying artwork.