6th Grade

Comic Strips - Students will develop their own original characters and story to create a full page comic strip that will be worked on throughout the quarter whenever they finish another project early and have time left over.

French Impressionist Memory Paintings - Students will choose a memory to illustrate while using perspective techniques to make their drawing seem 3-dimensional. Students will then add texture and color with a unique watercolor marker and wax resist technique.

Aztec Suns - Students will create their own sun design inspired by art of the Aztecs. Students will then use markers and rainbow colors to create a striking pattern and visual effect.

Crazy Shaped Color Wheels - Students will choose an interesting shape and draw a contour line drawing of it, then divide it into 12 sections. Students will then learn to mix their own secondary and intermediate colors with only the 3 primary colors and paint in their color wheel sections in rainbow order.

1-Point Perspective Cityscapes - Students will learn shading techniques and 1-point linear perspective to draw their own city.

Shadow Puppets - Students will create their own individual shadow puppet using metallic etching board.

James Rizzi Buildings - Students will create their own colorful James Rizzi inspired sculpture of a whimsical building.

Art History (or Heritage) Silhouettes - Students will choose a work of art from a textbook to use as inspiration for their own portrait design or students will create a work of art inspired by their own personal heritage.